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Coding Standards

Variable Naming Standards

There is no definitive naming convention in PHP, and they differ by framework:

So: Use whatever your framework uses or create your own naming convention.

At least for function names and class methods, there is a one thing to consider, but some frameworks discard it: PHP is case insensitive in that case, so aTonalFunction() atonalFunction() &?php &?= StudlyCaps UPPER_CASE camelCase namespace use abstract final static must be declared after the visibility.

  • Control structure keywords must have one space after them; method and function calls must not.
  • Opening braces for control structures must go on the same line, and closing braces must go on the next line after the body.
  • Opening parentheses for control structures must not have a space after them, and closing parentheses for control structures must not have a space before.

BC Government API Guidelines

Published by the Technical Assets Working Group under the BC Data Council

Purpose : The purpose of these guidelines is to promote consistency and provide guidance around the use of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) across the BC government, and to enable exchange and integration of data between systems, agencies, businesses and citizens.